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[FLOP/B-Grade] Moth Merchant Acrylic Charm Keychain

[FLOP/B-Grade] Moth Merchant Acrylic Charm Keychain

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An acrylic charm keychain featuring Tappet, the moth merchant! 

These keychains sport a shimmery, star-patterned holographic finish and cute dangling star charm. Keychain ship out with protective film on both sides the charm that must be peeled off.

Due to a manufacturing issue, these keychains came out with minor imperfections and are thinner than anticipated, and we've decided to offer this batch as flops/B-grade at a 40% discount! All charms are affected to some degree. 

As shown in the images above, the charms all have a bit of white fluff around the edges, which is easily brushed off (but shouldn't be there!). Some of them also have minor chipping around the edge of the linked star.

Overall length: 3.75" (includes clasp)
Wingspan: 3"
Height of main charm: 1.75"

Our in-stock items are shipped once every 1-2 weeks in discreet packaging from "TWH."

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