Confident Hjalna reclines on her throne, surrounded by her vassals.

“Brave, foolish warrior, we welcome you,” says the queen of gnolls, fangs bared in an easy grin. “You have strength to have made it this far. I see you, and I challenge you... in the traditional manner of our people.”

Her prize, should you fail: to claim the hunter, beautiful warrior.
Your prize, should you be victorious? The chance to be claimed by beautiful Hjala.

Will you rise to her challenge?


Hjalna is an insertable toy with an enlarged clitoris and labia design and faux piercing. She features a smooth, lightly tapered shaft and fur-textured base.













Total Length: 5.75 6.75 7.75 8.75 10
Insertable Length: 4.5 5.25


6.75 7.75
Circ. of tip: 3.375 4 4.5 5.125 5.875
Circ. of base: 4.25 4.875


6.5 7.5
Diameter of tip: 1 1.3 1.5 1.7 1.9
Diameter of base: 1.2  1.4 1.6 1.8 2.1


Find your prey~

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