The Leech

Cool waters can tempt any hunter traveling through the forest. After days of hiking and only cursory camp baths, the sunlight sparkling off a meadow lake, or the cool touch of a moss-shrouded pool can entice even the most hardened of travelers. But the placid surface belies a depth filled with a hundred questing mouths. Won’t you trade some of your lovely warmth for their slick chill?

The Leech is an insertable toy with a ribbed length and a bumpy base for stimulation. The tip has a small amount of suction, and the shaft features a moderate taper.







Total Length: 5.75 7
Insertable Length: 4.75 5.75
Circ. of tip: 3.5 4.75
Circ. of base: 6 7.5
Diameter of tip: (coming soon) (coming soon)
Diameter of base: (coming soon) (coming soon)


Find your prey~

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