About Us

About Us

The Wicked Hunt is a queer, neurodivergent-owned fantasy-themed adult toy business.

Geiger and Thrush are a 1.5-woman* team living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest in a small home filled with books, beasts, and lots of nerd stuff. We like bugs and monsters and video games and buying ourselves a little beverage (as a treat). 

A Slower, Gentler Pace

We created TWH in part to live and work in a way that is healthy and sustainable for folks with chronic pain and severe ADHD. What that looks like outwardly: we operate a few degrees slower than the average bear. You may get emails from us at weird hours. We sometimes need a reminding poke. We regret that we won’t be a shop for everyone because of this, but it’s just how we roll. Health comes first. To those who choose to shop with us despite it all, we appreciate you beyond measure <3


Quality Assurance

Your safety is our number one priority. All our toys are made from skin safe platinum cure silicone and cosmetics-grade pigments. All toys are washed with fragrance- and dye- free soap, and toys intended for internal or contact use are boiled for sterilization before being bagged up. Packages arrive in a nondescript brown or white box from “TWH.” We will happily use any name you provide with your shipping address.



We offer combined shipping! If you’ve made more than one order, and both the account that made the order and the shipping address are the same, we will combine those orders and refund excess shipping fees automatically. If you are unsure if your orders meet these criteria, or you do not want your orders to be combined, please contact us at info@the-wicked-hunt.com

Shipping times may be slower than you are used to, for reasons mentioned above, but we aim to ship all orders within two weeks of being placed. 

We ship internationally!



Every June we are proud to donate a percentage of that month’s proceeds to The Trevor Project in support of LGBT youth. 


Contact Us

You can contact us at info@the-wicked-hunt.com

*We would like to confirm that Thrush is in fact one (1) whole person, but that only half of her is engaged with the art of dildomancy at any given time.