What are your products made of?
All of our toys and squishies are made of skin-safe platinum cure silicone. Our pigments are also skin-safe, and our micas are ethically sourced and cosmetic-grade.


Do you accept customs?
We are currently starting to offer customs in limited color/patterns-- we've tried full and guided customs in in the past, and it resulted in a lot of unacceptable delays for some very patient folks. Regretfully, detailed customs don't work out with Geiger's particular brand of ADHD. We hope to have basic customs available on a regular basis soon.


Can you combine my orders to save on shipping/packing materials?
Yes! We automatically combine orders placed under the same name. Any excess shipping costs will be refunded to you at the time the order is shipped. 


How long will it take to ship my order?
We aim to have orders shipped out within a week of the drop date. Because we are owned and operated by folks with chronic illness, sometimes this can take longer. 1-2 weeks is normal.


What firmnesses do you offer?
We offer medium (00-50) and soft (00-30) firmnesses, and are starting to branch out into super soft (00-20). We originally wanted to also offer firm (10A) but found pulling toys of this hardness too physically demanding.


What is "Near Clear"? What should I know about it?
Near Clear (NC) is a skin-safe platinum cure silicone that has become popular in the toy industry in recent years due to it's beautiful translucence. Toys made from NC silicone have slightly different care and upkeep concerns from other silicone toys. Please see our Near Clear Info page for details to be informed before purchasing!


Will you make X model in Y size, and when?
We eventually hope to have all of our models available in mini, small, medium, and large. We have no timetable for when other sizes may be available, but will post any updates as to what we’re working on on Twitter-- you’ll be the first to know!