“My sweet poursuivant, have you been hunting long?” A voice echoes from the ruins deep within the forest, but its owner is nowhere to be seen.  

“Say not hunting, but rather searching,” replies the hunter.

A shadow detaches from the ruins and slices through the air. “And what brings you searching so steadfastly, I wonder?”

The hunter touches the tear left in their shirt by razor sharp talons. “I had heard of a creature sharper than a sword, swifter than the wind, and more beautiful than the moon, and simply had to find her.”

“Ah, mon bijou, you do know just what to say.” 

Elusive Claudette descends upon our hunter, all talons and wings and amour amour amour.


Claudette is a grinder/stim toy with experimental "bonus features"; she has a shallow, textured channel and comes with a plug that provides a mild suction when in place.

While technically our first foray into toys with penetrable features, Claudette is being offered as a stim/grinder/oral play toy.

Claudette's measurements include her wingspan. The tapered front entrance to her channel is wider than the middle/back and is not indicated in the measurements.










Length: 3 4.5 5.5
Height: 1.9 2.5 2.75
Width: 3.75 4.85 6.25
Diameter of channel (vertical): .6 .75 1
Diameter of channel (horizontal): .5 .6 .8
Depth of channel: 1 1.25 1.5


Find your prey~

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