• Moth Merchant

    Often found corralling grubs and tending shops at the night market.

    Available in small & medium.

  • Moth Grub

    How did this happen!?

    Available in medium & large.

  • Slavermaw Squish

    A pint-sized Slavermaw doing a little blep!

  • Coins

    TWH releases an exclusive coin design every year. A free coin is included with each package we mail out, but you can also get extras! 2023 coin retiring 12/31/23.

  • Candy Bed

    A candy wrapper bed for grubs who are a real treat.

    Fits medium-sized grubs & moth grubs.

  • Grub Bed

    A cute little bed for your grub!

    Fits medium-sized grubs & moth grubs.

    (image coming soon!)

  • Simple & Advanced Bobs

    Two styles of little boobs by the each.

    (image coming soon!)

  • Balls!

    A little ring with balls on it, just because we could.

    (image coming soon!)