Corruptor Root


It’s been a long day traversing the forest. The hunter gratefully sinks down against a tree to rest. Perhaps just a brief nap to regain their strength…

Slowly the hunter regains consciousness, feeling exceptionally well-rested. Movement draws their eye: a small root, curled gently around their ankle. Curious, the hunter starts to lean closer, only to find their movement arrested by another root wrapped around their waist. The hunter tugs at the root, finding it pliable, almost eager to wrap around their fingers instead and winding its way towards their sleeve. How very interesting… Perhaps the hunter will stay a while. For scholarly purposes, of course.

The Corruptor Root is an insertable toy with a strong curve and an extreme taper with asymmetrical ridges along its length.







Total Length: 7.75 10
Insertable Length: ~6.5 ~8.5
Circ. of tip: 3.25 2.25
Circ. of mid: 5.5 6.75
Circ. of base: ~7.75 ~8.75
Diameter of tip: 1 1.4
Diameter of mid: 1.5 2.4
Diameter of base: 2.2 3


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