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[FLOP] Slavermaw, Mini/M

[FLOP] Slavermaw, Mini/M

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This toy is a FLOP; it has a physical defect which does not impact the safety of the toy--but does not hold up to our normal standards of quality--and so is being offered at a discount. Flops may require extra care to ensure adequate cleaning or to avoid damage. Minor imperfections which may include small bubbles, mis-cut/ugly base bottoms, and other minor cosmetic issues.

The Slavermaw is a tongue-style insertable toy with a taper and a toothy base. The tongue features bumps for stimulation, and tapers down from the base to the tip. The base is flexible and features teeth that can be used for further stimulation.

Size: mini
Firmness: medium (050)
Size Details: see bestiary chart

All of our products are made exclusively of skin-safe platinum cure silicone and pigments. Use only with water-base lubricant and clean with mild soap and/or boiling for full sterilization.

Please note that we are a small independent shop creating hand-poured artisanal silicone sculptures. Slight variations in size or small surface irregularities are to be expected and are not considered "flops". Many of our products feature glimmering micas or glows that are difficult to capture in photographs. While we do our best to ensure all images represent the true appearance of our toys, we cannot account for discrepancies in screen color display etc.

Our in-stock items are shipped once weekly in discreet packaging addressed from "TWH." Your order may take 1-2 weeks to ship due to TWH being a disability-owned and operated business. We will automatically combine orders placed by the same account unless otherwise requested.

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