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2024 Glitter Coin - Baby Pink Pride

2024 Glitter Coin - Baby Pink Pride

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This listing is for one 2024 glitter-filled silicone coin from the batch pictured.

Each batch is unique; we may try to replicate glitter pours, but we do not have planned recurring colorways. Once a batch is sold out, there is no guarantee it will be made again.

Glitter coins are delicate! Though we imbed the glitter under a layer of silicone, it is chunky and prone to rubout, and pieces can easily be picked out if flexed or played with. They are offered as display squish only. 

Glitter is not a material that is safe for useable toys due to these properties; we will never offer glitter inclusions in our for-use toys. 

Glitter coins are made with Near Clear silicone! If you are not familiar with the care and properties of this material, please check out our Near Clear Info page for details.

NOTE: Near Clear is prone to forming bubbles on the underside of toy bases. Although we take pains to minimize this cosmetic defect, the properties of the material make it impossible to catch them all. As such, bubbles will NOT cause a NC toy to be flop discounted. Bubbles are not visible unless looking at the bottom of the toy.

All of our products are made exclusively of body-safe platinum cure silicone. This material is non-porous, hypoallergenic, and easy to clean! Use only with water-base lubricant & clean with mild soap and/or boiling for full sterilization.

Please note that we are a small independent shop creating hand-poured artisanal silicone sculptures. Slight variations in size or small surface irregularities are to be expected and are not considered "flops". Many of our products feature glimmering micas or glows that are difficult to capture. Please note that while we do our best to ensure all photographs represent the true color and appearance of our toys, we cannot account for discrepancies in screen color display etc.

Our in-stock items are shipped once every 1-2 weeks in discreet packaging from "TWH."

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