Slaverdraw Rules & FAQ



“Slaverdraw” is a randomized raffle sale event for our popular model, the Slavermaw.


The purpose of this event is to give people a shot at purchasing a Slavermaw that isn’t dependent on internet speed or fast fingers. Please note that this is not a give-away; if you win, you must pay for your toy (and any applicable shipping, taxes, customs fees, etc.).


Participants who enter the drawing will be vying for a slot in a limited first-come-first-serve sale of similarly-colored maws; you may not get your first choice as there is still a speed element, but there are GUARANTEED to be enough maws for everyone who wins. Winners will be given a unique code and a link to the current Slaverdraw sale page. Only code-holders will be able to purchase by entering their code in the order notes.


If you are interested in participating in the Slaverdraw, please read through the rules/FAQ below. We have to run a tight ship for these sales events so they won’t put too much of a burden on team TWH; that means we all stick to the rules out of necessity. No redos, no rainchecks, no exceptions.


This is an experiment for us! Depending on how things go, there may or may not be future Slaverdraws. Thank you for understanding, and good luck!





HOW IT WORKS: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. A tweet will be made announcing a Slaverdraw raffle. Included in this tweet will be:
  • The date and time of the Slaverdraw closed sale
  • The closing date and time of the raffle
  • The number of maws available and the number of winners to be chosen (less than or equal to the # of maws)
  • The size, firmness, and UV/GITD status of the maws
  • Photos of the pool of similarly-themed Slavermaw toys. (ie, all rainbow or all translucent/white marbles).


  1. If you like the look of the set and would be happy purchasing any of the included maws, enter the raffle by responding to the tweet.


  1. When the raffle ends, the winners will be randomly selected and contacted via Twitter DM with the URL to the sale page and a unique/personal code.


  1. We will announce via tweet that the winners have been drawn and contacted. Winners are welcome to chime in but may remain anonymous if they choose. The Slaverdraw is now over for non-winners.


  1. On the date of the sale, the special sales page will populate with the previously-shown maws at the specified time, just like a normal drop. We will not make further announcements or reminders regarding upcoming Slaverdraw sales; please keep track of when the sale will be!


  1. Maws will be sold on a first-come-first-serve basis to Slaverdraw winners; you must enter your unique code in the checkout notes in order to purchase.


  1. After 24 hours, any unsold maws will be removed from the special sales page and added to the next drop without reserves.




I already own a Slavermaw. Can I still participate?

While we won’t be vetting people who enter the drawing, we encourage maw owners to be kind and let other folks have a shot!



What happens if I win the Slaverdraw?

You will be DM’d through Twitter with a pre-scripted message that includes the date/time of the sale, the URL of the sale page, and a unique code. We will not have the manpower to handle non-urgent responses to these messages, so feel free to acknowledge them but don’t feel pressured to chat us up :)


At the specified date and time of the sale, the sale page will populate with the maws shown in the Slaverdraw post just like a regular drop.


Maws will be sold on a first-come-first-serve basis to code-holders attending the micro drop; you will still have to “compete” for your preferred maw, but you are guaranteed to have one available to you.



Can I get my friends to help me with the Slaverdraw sale/micro drop?

No; one code, one shopper. Do not share your code with anyone unless you intend for them to be the sole owner. We cannot have multiple people attempting to place an order with the same code, even if they are well-intentioned friends who will pass the maw on to you. If we see maws being purchased by different people using the same code, we will cancel ALL related orders; this is not an automated process and we WILL notice.




If I win, can I give my code to someone else?

We will not be cross-checking codes with twitter names unless there is a discrepancy/suspicious activity (ie, duplicate codes) in the checkout process, so you can give your code away if you wish. Do not share your code with anyone unless you intend for them to be the sole owner. If we see maws being purchased by different people using the same code, we will cancel ALL related orders; this is not an automated process and we WILL notice. No shenanigans, please.



If I win, can I buy more than one Slavermaw?

No, you can only purchase one maw from the sales event.



I won the drawing but all the maws I like are sold/I changed my mind. Do I HAVE to buy…?

No! Things come up and we certainly wouldn’t force you to purchase even if we could. That said, there are no redos for these sales. If you choose not to buy a maw, you cannot “rollover” your slot to future sales.



What if I miss the sale?

Sales listings will be in place for 24 hours, so if you miss the drop time you will still be able to nab any of the remaining maws for that duration. After this point, any leftover Slavermaws will be taken down and added to the next open drop. We will not be sending reminders, and we cannot offer redos for these sales if you miss the 24 hour drop window. We will post the sale date and time in the Slaverdraw raffle post so please sign up only if it works for your schedule!



How much will the Slaverdraw maws cost?

Slaverdraw maws are $90 (medium size). This additional cost is to cover the time invested in hosting the special sales events.



How often will you hold randomized Slaverdraw sales?

We don’t have any plans to set regular schedules for these randomized sales; the first sale will be a trial run, and after that we will see how we feel.

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