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[PREORDER] Dragon Claw Grinder Pair

[PREORDER] Dragon Claw Grinder Pair

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This listing is a PREORDER for a matching set of claws! You will receive one left and one right.

This sculpt is 100% complete and ready to be sent to our printer. We estimate that this preorder will be ready to ship by late July 2024; we have been generous with this time estimate to allow for delays and hope for a quicker release but please allow at least 8 weeks for production.

Model progress updates will be made on twitter.

Preorder funds will be used to purchase prints, pay for molds, and fund additional sizes. 

Orders not shipped by August 15, 2024 will be offered a full refund. 


Dimensions for this preorder are estimated within ~.25"

Total Length: 9.5
Toe Width: 1.25
Toe Length: 2.5
Pad Width: 3.5
Pad Length: 2.5
Heel Width: 2



Custom Details

Customs are available in solid, 2-color marble, dipped, or surprise! We cannot offer paw pad splits on preorders.

Solid: One color for the whole toy (metallic or gem)
Marble: Two colors evenly marbled throughout the toy (metallic only)
Dipped: Half translucent sparkle, half opaque metallic. The opaque color will bleed into the translucent like a core; the core pattern is variable. (one metallic, one gem)
Surprise! Let the dildomancers take the wheel; a completely random pour which may include colors and patterns not available by custom. Guaranteed 2 colors at minimum. No special requests.



  • Gem tones cannot be marbled.
  • Gem tones will be more clear/vivid in Near Clear (sample images are not NC)
  • Near Clear is only recommended for gem solids, dipped and surprise pours. Please see our NC Info Page for info on this material and its unique properties/care.
  • Splits, fades, and special requests are not available at this time.
  • No repours.

All of our products are made exclusively of skin-safe platinum cure silicone and pigments. Use only with water-base lubricant and clean with mild soap and/or boiling for full sterilization.

Please note that we are a small independent shop creating hand-poured artisanal silicone sculptures. Slight variations in size or small surface irregularities are to be expected and are not considered "flops". Many of our products feature glimmering micas or glows that are difficult to capture in photographs. While we do our best to ensure all images represent the true appearance of our toys, we cannot account for discrepancies in screen color display etc.

Our in-stock items are shipped once weekly in discreet packaging addressed from "TWH." Your order may take 1-2 weeks to ship due to TWH being a disability-owned and operated business. We will automatically combine orders placed by the same account unless otherwise requested.

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